Food and Food Technologies
• Food Processing, Packaging Machineries
• Beverage and Beverage Technology
• Frozen, Bottled, Canned, Chilled, Live, Diet Foods
• Diabetic, Dried, Smoked and Fresh Foods
• Ready Meals
• Spices and Flavors
• Bakery and Patisserie Products
• Oils and Fats
• Sugar and Confectionary Products, Chocolates
• Milk and Milk Products
• Meat and Meat Products
• Poultry Products

Agriculture Technologies
• Agricultural Products, Machineries, Equipments and
• Seeds, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Plant Protection Drugs
• Organic Agriculture
• Animal Husbandry Equipments and Machineries
• Slaughterhouse Equipments
• Animal Health, Veterinary Services and Equipments
• Fisheris & Fish Farming
• Water Treatment and Water Management Systems
• Packaging systems & Products