Being a participant at Algeria FoodExpo 2015, will create a good opportunity for promoting  food and agriculture Technologies  to all region through representatives of reliable wholesaler companies.

• There is growing potential for export profits, as general distributors, such as hotels, restaurants and supermarkets are increasing in number. The supply from these private distributors will likely be met by a demand from the growing tourist industry and an increased standard of living among local consumers.

• There is increased demand for imported grocery and non-grocery products, making Algeria an important potential market in North Africa. Modern supermarkets have already penetrated the capital, Algiers, and other major cities in the country, changing both consumer habits and lifestyles.

• There is increased opportunity in the food packaging industry as Algerians present more demand for packaged food.

• FOODEXPO is an unique exhibition for companies to present their products, first class equipments and services to the international and regional agro‐food sector.

• Business MATCH‐MAKING is a free & privileged service at FOODEXPO for organizing business meetings between companies and buyers to achive mutually beneficials results that freely organized by ELANEXPO for each exhibitors.